Yearly Advisory Fee

1.2% on AUA (Subjected to minimum of Rs.15,000)

  • Personalised Financial Planning with a certified financial advisor for long term goals like retirement, child education etc. Planning includes:
    1. Insurance need Identification
    2. Review of Existing Assets
    3. Advice on Overall Asset Allocation
  • Investment plan using suitable financial products like MF, PMS, etc.
  • Semi-annual review with certified financial adviser Review will include:
    1. Periodic rebalancing based on your risk profiling
    2. Goal based tracking & goal based exits
    3. Review of investment portfolio

Investment Options*

  • Direct Mutual Funds (MF)
  • Peer 2 Peer Lending (P2P - Min.: 1 Lakh)
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS - Min.: 50 Lakhs)
  • Alternate Investment Funds (AIF - Min.: 1 Cr.)
  • Real estate Investment Funds (Min.: 50 Lakhs)

* Few Investment Options may have separate additional charges. Please contact us for more details.

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Our Happy Customer

Shekar Hariharan

Fellow 2017 / Teach For India

"Early retirement is something that requires comprehensive financial planning and trustworthy partners to help you meticulously execute that. I am fortunate to have been associated with FinAtoZ for both these needs! Today I am amidst a new journey in my life trying to pursue all my dormant passions of education, music and other art forms but with absolutely no worries about my finances.Thank you FinAtoZ for enabling me to achieve this!"

Frequently Asked Questions

We are different from other Financial advisors on the following counts:
  • We employ a scientifically proven risk profiling process to reduce the overall risk in your portfolio.
  • We have a proven long term investment strategy and proprietary inhouse research process to handle your investments and achieve your goals.
  • Cutting edge platform for Reporting and Analysis to help you track your goals and portfolio, online anytime.
  • Secure database for backend team to keep your data safe and secure.
  • For better diversification, we build your portfolio using multiple products like Mutual Funds, PMS, AIF, Peer2Peer.
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch holds true for free services offerings in the field of financial services. The basic disadvantages of such services are :
  • They are not accountable for the performance of your portfolio.
  • Primarily they are driven by their own sales target hence the product sold to you may not be in your interest.
  • People selling these services are generally not a qualified Investment Advisor.
Analysis of existing investments is an integral part of the financial planning process. During the financial planning process we collect all the details about your existing investment. Our team of experts analyse the data and advice corrective action. You can provide your existing Policies, Mutual Funds and Stocks for analysis.
In case of contingencies, we will help you to redeem your money in such a way that there is a minimal impact on your long term investment plan. The redemption process generally takes 2 business days for the money to get refunded to your bank account.
We know the importance of money for our clients. Therefore, based on risk profiling we design our client's portfolio in a way that your investments are held in 2 buckets:
  • Strategic Asset Allocation - Based on market cycles. This is done for goals that are more than 5 year away. This ensures that any short term losses are recovered in a period of 3 years.
  • Goal based Exit - This is done for goals that are less than 5 years away. For example, if you have a goal to buy a car for 10 Lacs in 2026. We will start moving money into defensive category from 2023 onwards. This ensures that you get Rs. 10 Lacs in 2026 irrespective of market conditions.
There is no transaction of investment money between FinAtoZ and the investor. All the investments are done in investor’s name and the money gets deposited directly in the SEBI authorised mutual fund as per our advice. FinAtoZ does tracking and active management of your portfolio. However, you will have to login and approve any transaction proposed by us. The transactions are created by us but will get executed only once you approve it on the system.
Majority of the platforms in the market are DIY (Do-it-Yourself). We assign a dedicated Financial Advisor who not only tracks your portfolio on a continuous basis and change allocation in asset classes (Stocks, Debt and Real estate) but also updates your financial plan on an ongoing basis as per the changes updated by you. Such a personalised financial planning service is a very premium offering generally offered to Ultra High Networth Individuals only. We are bringing these premium services at a much-reduced cost.
Just by investing in a top rated mutual fund may not work for you since market conditions are very dynamic in nature. What is top rated today may not continue to perform in the future. Fund has become top rated because the past performance has been good and it is not an indicative of future returns. We have a dedicated Financial Advisor who tracks your portfolio on continuous basis and rebalances the portfolio on annual basis.