Our Happy Customers

What they say about us!
  • FTM is the perfect product for someone like me who had burnt his fingers in stock market. The way they reduce risk by moving the corpus from stock market to Fixed deposit helps to preserve the capital and enhance returns. This is surely a great vehicle to build long term wealth.
    Prashant Sinha
    Sr Research Engineer – Commission for Atomic Energy, France
  • I can now invest with complete peace of mind and  focus on my core competence. They have a phenomenal team with impeccable track record.
    Shalin Kotia
    Product Manager – GE Healthcare
  • I was amazed by the results of the Financial Plan. I never thought that I am spending so much and saving so little. The concept of disciplined saving is phenomenal. I would recommend everyone to go for Finatoz 360 degrees.
    Saurabh Shakya
    VP - Infoedge
  • Financial Planning is must for all first time investors. It simplifies the entire financial needs of an individual and helps you plan for your goals. For example, I never thought that I needed a corpus of almost 6 Crores for my retirement. My customized plan, explained clearly on how to realise my financial goals
    Rohit Jain
    Software Engineer – KazStroy Service
  • Finatoz Capital Builder is a great product for creating long term wealth. Now I am not bothered with the daily gyrations of stock market and I am rest assured that my investments are handled by thorough professionals who are acting in the best of my interests
    Sanchit Jain
    CEO – Dream Orbit
  • I am impressed with the simplicity of the whole thing.  Their FTM product provides timely advice on where to invest and when.
    Ritesh Singh
    Sr. Editor – Rau’s IAS Study Circle
  • It's been a great learning experience with Finatoz, to better understand, learn practically the complex world of stocks and mutual funds with a systematic process of wealth creation. I wish Finatoz all the best in helping salaried folfs to manage their savings effectively and focus on long term wealth creation
    Muralidharan Sundarajan
    Vice President - Wipro Technologies
  • I am fortunate to find a credible and reliable partner who takes timely action based on market conditions. I am impresses with their research capability and the way they moved my equity investments into debt even before the market becomes volatile.
    Gaurav Gupta
    Director - Flipkart

About us

Founded by IIT and IIM graduates, we are passionate about investments and generation of long term wealth.

We proactively work towards long term wealth creation of our customers for a significant and consistently high market returns. Our top notch advisors assess the market conditions to create a goal based and risk adjusted portfolio for you. We zealously track investments to ensure a winning exit !!! ... Read More

Why Finatoz?

  • Portfolio management by certified professionals
  • Algorithm based investment for superior returns
  • Unique profit sharing model : We make money when you make money
  • Online execution and tracking of your investments
  • Strong process driven customer service framework
  • Scientific risk tolerance assessment to construct your portfolio as per your risk profile