Quarterly Updates

Quarterly Update-Sep, 22

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“Time heals everything”

Markets have proven again and again that it is certainly true for the markets.

We started the year with Russia-Ukraine war and it seems we are going to end with possible conflict between China & Taiwan. Inflation was at multidecade high not only in developing countries, but even in developed economies like US, Europe, etc. Everyone including us will see geographical disputes, GDP, Pandemics, Calamities as a …

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Quarterly Update-Mar, 22


“War does not determine who is right- only who is left”

-Bertrand Russel


If 2020 and 2021, will be remembered for Covid, 2022 will going to be certainly remembered for Russia-Ukraine war. Economically, this war resulted in a grim situation not only for these two countries, but for the entire world. Russia being the major exporter of oil and natural gas, energy prices went through the roof. With oil prices …

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Quarterly Update-Dec, 2021

Benjamin Franklin Quote

“In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes”

         -    Benjamin Franklin

If there is a third certainty that we can add, it must be inflation. Not only India, but whole world also including developed economies are facing inflationary pressures. US is witnessing its highest inflation numbers in last 30 years at 6.2%. We all are already aware of the roof touching prices of petroleum in India and its …

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Quarterly Update - Facts don't care about your feelings!

Facts new

Facts don't care about your feelings.”

― Ben Shapiro

The unabated bull run in equity markets since last one year is making people nervous. Situation on the ground feels pretty grim with multiple lockdowns since the advent of Covid. 2nd wave has been devastating for majority of Indians both emotionally as well as financially. Though we seem to be out of 2nd wave now,

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Quarterly Update - How we navigated through Covid times!

Covid times

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” 

This quote by Mr. Vladimir Lenin perfectly sums up what we saw in the last 6 months: A once in a century event, health care crisis, unprecedented lockdown, WFH culture, high unemployment, steep market correction followed by questionable recovery and finally hope for a vaccine that will be the panacea of all these ills. We have seen it all. 

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