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Monthly Update - November 2018

Market Update

After three months of correction, Indian markets got a much needed breather in the month of Nov. Recovery of rupee against the dollar, fall in oil prices and improvement in liquidity were the positives that helped the markets stage a recovery this month.

Smart investment strategy for the current market condition: During the last one year, market valuations have become more reasonable. Some pockets like Small caps have become undervalued as compared to their historical averages. While, there is a possibility for the markets to go down further in the next 6 months,  it is almost impossible to time the markets perfectly. Hence, in the current scenario, it is prudent for an intelligent investor to continue on the path of disciplined investing without getting panic. You should ensure that your asset allocation is maintained as per your risk profile. Kindly take help of your dedicated Financial Advisor to re-balance your portfolio during your reviews. This will help you to buy at current prevailing lower prices.

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