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All about Employee provident fund -EPF


EPF is one of the most popular and traditional savings schemes launched in India under the supervision of Indian Government.  EPF is one of the deductions made from the salary account. Even though you don’t receive it in-hand, it is one of the investments you make indirectly which would help you build your retirement corpus and make you ready for retirement

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What is the best way to invest your Provident Fund after Retirement?

What is the best way to invest your Provident Fund after retirement?

Provident Fund is one of the safest and most tax efficient investment option while you are working. However, once you retire, you get a large amount of money from your Provident Fund and other retirement benefits like Gratuity, Superannuation Voluntary Retirement Fund etc.

Often it becomes a very difficult choice for a retired person to figure out where to invest such a large amount. This article is our attempt to help you understand what are the best possible avenues to invest your provident fund and other retirement proceeds.

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Why taking risk in long term investment makes sense?

Nothing Risked, Nothing Gained

Most of us want to keep our money safe while choosing to invest in our long-term goals like child education and our own retirement. This is done primarily because everyone has told us that investments in equity markets are risky, and we really don’t want to take the risk with our important goals like education and retirement. While it looks like a prudent choice, but unknowingly we are making the wrong choice of investment products, like FDs, NSCs, PPF etc. Let us see three main reasons why in long-term goals, it makes perfect sense to take the risk. 

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Risk of investing in Real Estate!

Risk of Investing in Real Estate

Though not a popular belief, investment in Real Estate is a very risky affair. It not only sucks up a significant portion of your life's savings, the money may not be available to you when you need it the most!!

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