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When it makes sense to invest in PMS?

PMS Vs Mutual Fund

After SEBI’s categorization mutual funds can mostly invest in the top 100 or 250 stocks whereas PMS is customized and can have an exposure to any stock in addition to this top 250 stocks.  So, if someone looking to take exposure in stocks beyond 250 stocks in terms of market cap with a guided hand, PMS is the go-to product.

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5 Tips to ride Market Volatility for better Returns

5 Tips To Ride The Market Volatility

Indian stock markets have been quite volatile in the calendar year 2018. If we look at the difference between the peak to the lowest point, Sensex has corrected by 15%, Midcap by 25% and Small-cap by more than 30%. It is quite natural for any investor to get worried when they see the value of their hard-earned money getting eroded. The pain compounds exponentially  if the value of the investments becomes lower than the principal amount invested. You may wonder how to protect your capital and what should be done in such a situation.

To understand the investor behaviour better, we have analysed possible reactions from the investors during such situations of market volatility. We found few common behaviour biases that needs to be tamed for better investor experience...

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